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Silver Dragon Gaming is the ultimate destination for gamers, adventurers, and those who need a magical escape. Bring your friends and join our community for action-packed events, gameplay, and fun! We have something for every age, skill level, and interest.


Play, Drink, Snack, and Relax in the Silver Dragon Inn!

Awesome adventures often start off in taverns. Yours can too! Bring a group of your friends or join an event. Grab a tasty beverage and snack, then let the adventure begin! You will be able to play a variety of games from your favorite role-playing games, board games, or just join us for Trivia night.


Upcoming Events

6:00 pm-8:00 pm
Ladies Night D&D


We are a family-owned and operated Friendly Local Gaming Store (FLGS). Our mission is to create a fun, inclusive gaming destination that will allow our customers from all over the valley to enjoy their “journey of imagination”.

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