Start or end your next adventure as many adventurers do in the Tavern!

Whether you are gathering to go “slay the monsters” or coming back from a hard day of adventuring and want to sit back, relax and tell “tall tales” with your friends, there’s no better place than the Silver Dragon Inn in Silver Dragon Games.


The Perfect Play

There’s nothing better than getting a natural twenty in a game like Dungeons & Dragons; except for rolling into the Silver Dragon Inn for an amazingly good time. The drinks, the snacks, the ambiance, the peeps in the Tavern will all feel like a “critical success”.

Where Travelers Come Together

Several regulars can be seen at the Silver Dragon Inn. Many of them are adventurers brought together like the party. Some of them are travelers, traveling through; others are just curious patrons. You’ll find adventurers from all walks of life at the Tavern.

Questions About The Silver Dragon Inn?

We strive to offer an unforgettable entertainment experience for guests of all ages. We do comply with all local laws. Therefore, there are some requirements for children to be accompanied by adults at all times.

Silver Dragon Gaming loves to make amazing experiences come to life, so if you would like to set up food and other arrangements to host a magical adventure with us, just ask! Contact our team at, give us a call, or come in to plan an unforgettable party or event.