The Ideals of the Silver Dragon & Why a Silver Dragon?


The Silver Dragon embodies the spirit of what we want our store to be. A Silver Dragon is typically the friendliest of the Dragons and will help the good people of the realm as needed.

In Dungeons and Dragons, the Silver Dragon is a Dragon of Virtue. “Silver dragons believe that living a moral life involves doing good deeds and ensuring that one’s actions cause no undeserved harm to other sentient beings. They don’t take it upon themselves to root out evil, as gold and bronze dragons do, but they will gladly oppose creatures that dare to commit evil acts or harm the innocent. Silver dragons befriend humanoids of all races, but shorter-lived races such as humans spark their curiosity in a way the longer-lived elves and dwarves don’t. Humans have a drive and zest for life that silver dragons find fascinating.”

This respect for people of all races is something at the heart of our store’s values and behaviors.

Virtue, chivalry, and honor are ideals very important to me. These come from stories we love including King Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table to the fellowship brought together by Frodo & company or the ideals of the Silver Dragon.

Our plan is to nurture a grow a community where these ideals hold true. Fair play, honesty, the kind treatment of everyone in our community and the hospitality of welcoming all within our midst are things we should all strive for.

At Silver Dragon Games, we espouse to the following values or ideals:


  1. Sincerely embrace building a diverse, supportive, and inclusive environment in our culture and our community.
  2. Do the right thing for our customers, our employees, our community, and the company.

We hope you will join us on our journey to create safe, welcoming space where everyone can follow their “journey of imagination” and escape in whatever magical land they want to visit. We want you to find joy and camaraderie in our amazing store whether its gaming, enjoying a tasty beverage in the tavern to taking a game home to play with family and friends.

Welcome to the Silver Dragon Games community!

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