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Silver Dragon Games is a premier local game store in Peoria, AZ designed to welcome gamers from all walks of life. When you walk in, you’ll join a community of gamers having a great time in a game space designed to make you forget the outside world.

Silver Dragon Games is a community-based gaming experience which will have something for everyone. If you are an experienced gamer, we’ll have various genres of games including traditional Tabletop, Roleplaying (RPG), Miniatures, Collectable Card Games and more. A rich set of children’s events will help introduce our younglings to the fun adventures found in gaming. For our newer gamers, we’ll have several mainstream games many of which will be hosted in our tavern.

Our philosophy will be to create a fun, inclusive gaming “destination” that will draw customers from all over the Valley. We will create an amazing space where our community of gamers will be immersed in a next level experience due to our unique décor. Our amazing decorations and Tavern will lend to an ambience that will enhance any gamers experience. We will create an atmosphere where everyone is welcome (diversity is encouraged). It is a fun, welcoming space to both shop and play. A successful store will have a strong, loyal community that comes back to the store on a regular basis. We hope that will be you.

Whether our customers want to grab one of our Board games and play with their friends, roll some dice in a D&D game, field an army for some miniature warfare, or compete in a card game tournament, we’ve got them covered! We have a huge selection of the latest merchandise to keep our customer’s hobby thriving! Events & workshops will run on a regular basis by both staff members and community members alike! Our community can learn cool new skills (like painting!) in workshops.

Welcome to the Silver Dragon Games community!

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